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Our Polaris Razors can be driven right to the Mohave Desert from our Office with no need to haul to your location. This saves time and money because no towing is needed, no time is lost to get yourself and the Polaris Razors to your destination.

This is a great benefit to you who are not from Lake Havasu and are not familiar to the Mohave Desert . We are the closest rental company to the outskirts of Lake Havasu.

Because most of our Polaris Razor Clients are riding so close to our Office, if something goes wrong and you need Lake Havasu Outback Tours Service Team assistance we can be there quicker than our competitors.
Havasu Outback Tours can help you create your next adventure. As Lake Havasus Premier Polaris Razor rental company, we’ll outfit you with all of the motorsport gear you need for an unforgettable desert experience.
Let Havasu Outback Tours put together a desert outing that will delight your whole crew. Your choice of difficulty levels. If you don’t have a tow vehicle, we can help with that too.

Special discounts for multiple day rental
10-15% discount for military and first respondents with valid ID
Prices subject to change

Holiday rates may vary

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Our experienced local guides will take you to many different points of interest in the Mohave Desert and up to the Hualapai Mountains during one of our longer tours offered.The Mohave Desert tours will showcase the diverse wildlife, topography, flora and fauna. Wildlife that may be seen includes coyotes, lizards, deer, gila monster, javelina, tarantula, snakes, deer, wild burro, and free range cattle. The spring time is particularly beautiful during the desert bloom, where cacti flower in a rainbow of color.

The trips that climb in to the Hualapai Mountains take longer and are more challenging, but provide a unique experience that make the time and effort worth while. The area is rich in history dating back thousands of years and is filled with visible evidence including Hohokam Indian ruins, limited remains of what could have been one of the most significant cities in Arizona and a number of abandoned mines.

While Jeep and UTV tours are offered by several guiding companies ATV tours are not as widely available.

The advantages of an ATV tour include the ability to be more actively involved in the experience because everyone gets to drive their own machine. The ATVs are also more narrow and are permitted access to many trails that do not allow the wider UTV and Jeeps.

While the typical UTV tour is a more passive experience an ATV tour does require some level of operating skills. For this reason we offer a two hour orientation session that combines training and a short guided tour.